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Building Robust Sales Channels

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Profitable sales channels are built over the time by partners that are committed to each other’s success. With this philosophy  in mind we have designed our recruitment strategy in a manner that identifies and attracts the right partners and an onboarding program that puts them on the road to success. 

Just because we’ve built up a diversified portfolio of sales channels and partnerships doesn’t mean we sit back and relax. We monitor the channels regularly to see how they are performing and make changes where necessary. 

We keep track of the sales numbers so that we can identify any problems early on.

We manage your relationships with partners effectively. We have regular meetings to discuss performance and set goals, and we provide feedback on a regular basis. 

Business & Legal Support

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We help technology businesses with building their contracts for their internal/operational purposes, as well as with their customers, vendors and partners. We are experts in building contracts around product licensing and custom services, additionally, we prove ourselves useful with product and service pricing too.

For businesses looking to explore new markets, we run a thorough research on the relevant business entry, trade & commercial laws of the land, plus, we study the current market dynamics and evaluate it with the economic policies of the government of the day. 

Last but not the least, should you ever find yourself stuck in matters of litigation and arbitration anywhere in the world, we are here to assist you with our in-house counsels and our partner law firms across the globe.

Funding Assistance

We assist you in securing funds for your business. Through a thorough evaluation of your unique situation. We navigate the financial landscape to match you with reputable programs that align with your needs. We arrange for the right investor program for you and subsequently process the requisite paperwork for you. We handhold you throughout the journey till you secure the funds. We provide funding assistance of a minimum of US$5 million and above. 

We arrange issuance of bank instruments such as, Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit. The minimum transaction assistance we provide is for US$250k for Letters of Credit and US$500k for Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees. There is no cap on maximum transaction value.

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