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IPLEXR (End-to-End Supply Chain Management Solution)

IPLEXR, cutting-edge end-to-end Warehouse Management, Yard Management, Inventory Management, Tracking, Tracing, Truck Load, Network Optimization & Logistics Solutions based on proprietary algorithms propelled by Generative AI. IPLEXR enhances your existing ERP with AI, ML, DL, IoT  & Blockchain capabilities without the need of changing your existing ERP.

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Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

Unlock Your Financial Limitation, Technology Boundaries, Embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Service Models.
Our tailored-fit design and built IT Infrastructures, Networks and Security, Communications and Video Surveillance solution, promoting transformation to subscription based model : X-as-a-Services (XaaS). This approach allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and resources from us.

A No-Code Analytics Platform for Decision Makers

With our Solution organizations are building Enterprise E2E Analytics Platforms which eliminates complexities in Data Collection, Cleansing & Transformation which is the primary reason for delays in Analytics Projects, and empowers Decision Makers to do Advance Analytics instantly using a Google-Like Search.


Quantum Computing for Logistics, Ports & Energy sectors

Growing digitization, tightening supply chain constraints, and continuously altering consumer expectations have all put pressure on operations in the Logistics, Port, and Energy sectors. Organizations should begin adopting Quantum Computing, into their operations as soon as possible in order to turn Supply Chain and Energy business challenges into opportunities. These Logistics, Port, and Energy sectors are using our hybrid Quantum Computing Solutions to identify complex business issues and provide a competitive advantage that will increase sales, improve efficiency, and cut expenses.

Port Automation

We offer technology Solutions for RORO, Liquid, Bulk, Break Bulk, and Containers. Our Solutions address all facets of the Maritime, Berth, Yard, Gate, and Rail operations. They include planning, optimizing people, equipment, and other resources for quicker response times and improved visibility. We revolutionize Ports and Terminals with our deeper, wider solutions.

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Agriculture Intelligence Technology Solutions

We dedicate ourselves to help Agriculture be supplemented with technology solutions related to weather, operational, financial issues, and human life risks. Our solutions use Decision Support Systems to provide thorough analysis of data collected by our Sensors in real-time. With this, any significant environmental changes can be foreseen that might affect the Agriculture services, products, supply chains, and infrastructure.

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